A true paradigm shift in EUS FNA...

Engineered to improve clinical workflow by facilitating the passage of multiple needles through a single delivery system, without removing the delivery system.

Automated Needle Shield

  • Designed to cover needle sharp

Proprietary Glide Ball

  • Allows for interchangeability of all needle sizes through a universal delivery system
  • Start with one needle size and switch to any other size instantly during the same case, while using one universal delivery system
  • Engages automated needle shield during needle removal
  • Centers needle in catheter for consistent needle trajectory

Quad Bevel Design

  • 4 cutting edges designed to optimize tissue yield and coring potential
  • Super-bright echogenic signature

22 and 25 Gauge Needle

  • Low cost, high performance
  • Designed to minimize kinking and improve overall performance

19 Gauge Nitinol Needle

  • Highly flexible Nitinol construction facilitates easy passage through tortuous positions
  • Allows for optimal tissue yield and coring potential via Quad Bevel design

Needle Exchange

  • Engineered for multiple needle exchanges throughout the procedure to improve clinical workflow
  • Ergonomic release button designed for fast, efficient removal of needle

Delivery System with PEBAX

  • Maintains flexibility and durability, reducing needle exposure to endoscope channel while remaining in position at point of interest

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